We travel to Microcosm

Looking for different holidays? Travel to Microcosm! 

We all enjoy new emotions and experiences. For your next holidays, you could imagine the best beach or mountain destinations, even the most exotic and unexplored places. But, have you ever considered travelling to the origin of the Universe?

You might think it’s impossible, but we assure you this proposal is very realistic. You only need to reach Geneva, Switzerland. Then, go to the CERN (french acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

The experiments room, with a real size model of the CMS

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, founded in 1954, brings together more than 10.000 scientists from over 100 countries. Their aim is to find an answer to trascendental questions like What’s the origin of matter? or What happened after the Big Bang?

This complex piece of knowledge is now at visitor’s reach thanks to the permanent exhibition Microcosm. It reveals what is CERN, what are scientists working with, and the discoveries they make.

Reproduction of the LHD control center
Data Center recreation, where all CERN’s data are stored

And, to keep all this information updated, Indissoluble redefined this permanent exhibition transforming it into an immersive and interactive experience. It’s been one year since it first opened to the public and so far it’s been a great success: over 80.000 visitors! Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland lead the visitor’s origin countries ranking, but it seems in France and Germany they also show great interest por particles physics. Finally, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Austria and Turkey complete the top ten list, according to CERN‘s visitors data.

Visitors access Microcosm through the Big Bang tunnel, which leads them to the 500sqm exhibition area. In it, several displays, real objects, and real size models invite the visitor to interact with them in order to understand how this complex technology is at the service of science.

Don’t hesitate to book your visit. CERN is open from Monday to Saturday and entrance tickets are free, and highly requested. Get ready for your journey to the origin of the Universe and discover all of its mysteries.

Meanwhile you can enjoy watching the Mannequin Challenge scientists at CERN did in Microcosm exhibition.

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