Want to be a CERN scientist?

Do you want to become a theoretical physicist for a day? At CERN you can do so by entering the recreation of the office of a scientist designed by Indissoluble for the permanent exhibition Microcosm. You can interact with several objects displayed in the room to activate a series of videos and projections that reveal the mysteries of the Universe.

Secuencia 01.00_38_58_13.Imagen fija008But, how does all this work? Let’s enter the room. You see a table on your right and some filing cabinets on your left. First, you approach the table to find a computer screen where you can choose the language you want for your visit (English, French, Italian, Spanish or German). Then you can choose one of the 4 audiovisuals to be projected on the walls that form the corner of the room: Dark matter, Antimatter, Gravity and The Higg’s Boson. 

Secuencia 01.00_09_50_13.Imagen fija001Secuencia 01.00_34_04_15.Imagen fija006 copia

Secuencia 01.00_34_23_07.Imagen fija007After that, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee to have a short break. The coffee machine on the table provides you with three sorts of coffee: Ristretto, Cappuccino or Espresso. Each one of them activates a video on theoretical physics that’s projected on the blackboard hanging on the wall.

Clip0103.00_00_01_13.Imagen fija003Let’s move towards the Filing Cabinet. When you open it you find a screen showing an image of the top part of a set of files. You choose the file you want and it unfolds to show you the paper on the selected subject. Many CERN published articles are included in the cabinet.

DSC02881DSC02868And, to get to know the human team behind the CERN, there’s a door with a masked screen where you can read the Bios of several scientists by touching the picture of the people displayed.

Clip0103.00_00_06_04.Imagen fija002In this office, the process of science is revealed, showing the interplay between theory and experiment in order to convey to the public the idea that they can also play a future role in solving the mysteries of science. Are you joining us?

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